Sunday, October 13, 2013

++second pregnancy++


Just a quick update for for ya'll know,im pregnant for a second child.
Very grateful to have this precious gift.alhamdulillah..:)

Therefore, the challenges are quite different.i mean,during the first pregnancy,i didnt have morning sickness at all..i was quite energetic, active and strong like non preggy lady.but this time, i frequently vomit..:(
I even cant eat like i used to. How sad..uhukuhuk.

Dizziness all the time is like my best friend now. When im at home, i would lye down on the couch for hours.i feel so weak like seriously.
I asked my husband to prescribe the best suppliment for this pregnant mummy..but then he said, i better eat more. Small portion but frequently.hurm.OK hunny..
i shouldn't be depending on the suppliment only..have to eat healthy foods.

Luckily, haiqal seems to understand his mama's condition..he's behaving at his best.Less cranky and always tries to cheer me up by landing his palms on my face.sometimes he kissed me on my cheek and my forehead and drew the sweetest smile on his face just to make me feel more relief..oh sweet...
I feel blessed for having him as my son.

my husband is such a big help too.
He's like a charming angel that eases my housework at home..
When he's at home, he will take charge to babysit haiqal..change his diaper, take him to shower and feed him..:D 
He treats me like a queen. Love my husband so much..!!

P/s:sangat2 bersyukur kerana dikelilingi oleh orang2 yang baik dan sangat caring.
Semoga Allah membalas jasa baik kalian semua.aminn..doakan saya dan baby sihat k.


  1. seronok dengar kisah terbaru cikgu husna..semoga semuanya berjalan baik bg sesi menagndung kedua ni

  2. Tahniah husna, jaga diri baik2. Maybe simptom mengandung tak sama kan utk setiap anak. Done following u, mine following back at