Monday, March 17, 2014

++new stuffs for a new baby++


still not getting any news regarding the missing's really saddened the family and us as well as Malaysian people.hopefully all of them would be found soon..

yesterday my husband and I went to have our breakfast nearby tesco station 18..along the way to the tesco, suddenly my husband saw a new baby store at the corner of the building..what a huge shop with triple storeys! he said he wanted to go there right after we finished having our first we wanted to survey haiqal's diaper. but once we got in there, we changed our mind 100%.huahuahua..there were lots of cute things could you resist all that, huh?

unfortunately, there were no diapers sold in that store..only baby stuffs like clothes, bags, toys, and etc..
since my pregnancy has entered 29 weeks, so I think it's time for me to buy new baby's stuffs  for my baby.
so lets see what I have bought.

all in pink...*blush*blush*

at first I felt weird to buy these cute things..hahaha! first child is a boy and most of his things are in blue.only few clothes and things can be used such as napkins, white clothes, white blanket and etc.

and Alhamdulillah..Haiqal's babysitter still wants to accept his soon to come out little sister..hehe.
for delivery place, there's still no decisions made. but I think this time maybe we will go to private hospital (pantai) since I do my monthly check up there..hopefully everything goes well as planned. I really want female doctors to attend my delivery time then. we have plans, Allah has His own plans for us too.we'll see..:))

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