Thursday, April 19, 2012


bestnye harini bercuti sehari sempena hari keputeraan sultan perak.:)
oleh kerana harini cuti, so banyak benda yang aku nak buat..antaranya kemas bilik sendiri yang rasanya dah semakin berserabut disebabkan terlalu bz dengan action song.then siapkan lesson plan untuk esok sampai Isnin. mengemas bilik sampai semput2.hehehe.aku memang tak boleh nak duduk lama2..bila duduk je rasa perut ditekan...that's why rasa mengah..makan pon tak boleh banyak2 or kalo berdegil ko akan end up macam sloth.hehehe.

diam tak diam, pertandingan action song makin hampir which is going to happen on diz coming I ready for this?are the kids ready too??? perhaps so..I put a lot of my efforts on this competition and expecting for a good result with Allah's will..if the sustenance is with us..then no one can change it ~ just pray for the best..aminnn~

yesterday, I painted all of the kids's shoes with polka dots pattern.a bunch of thanks to few of my colleagues for willing to help me painting the shoes..what's the use of the painted shoes?you must be wondering what was I doing rite? ahaaa~let's keep it as secret..or maybe as a secret weapon.hahahahahaha!poyo!!dont take my statement seriously.well.just joking tho~..;p
since we don't have enough budget to buy a pair of  fancy shoes for each kid, so I bought the plain white one..then I designed the shoes by myself..tho It may take a lot of time to complete it.but if there's a will there's a way right????I believe in that so much.

sometimes when it comes to competition, I am really sure that the instructor or the coach might feel nervous more than the kids do.hehehe.

aren't this polka dot shoes cute??but ours not exactly look like was designed based on my own taste.

I drew big polka dots on my kids's would ease me to insert the colours though. somehow I am so worry about the accessories for the girls..I don't know what to be used for the performance later. takkan nak biar kepala budak tu togel je kan??please help me!!

hurmmm...which is cuter?

nak try buat dulu lah..then baru boleh proceed untuk buat yang lain2..k lah..nak mandi manda dulu.babai~
have a nice day gang~

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  1. tetiba rasa nak jadi anak murid husna, nnti boleh pakai kasut polkadot.. hehe