Monday, February 27, 2012

++the central heap of trash according to him++


just got back from having lunch with kak ola...thanks akak!love u so much..
I feel kinda relief when I found that I have someone to share my thoughts with and also get an advice from.. least this preggy mum is not in dilemma anymore.
talking to someone that u feel u can trust to is really helpful. I mean, when we have any problems, we can go directly to that person and ask for her advice..:))

last night I was on the phone with my husband for almost an hour...talking to him really made my mood had been uplifted sky high by listening to his voice like dondang sayang gitu..awawwwww..haha!!!the best part of our conversation last night is:

"what are u doing my dear...?"

"I am folding my clothes..if I don't do this, I think u might be surprise once u get back home then"


"because I have not folded my clothes for almost a week.hahaha!it looks like a central heap of trash already (pusat longgokan sampah)"
--it sounds critical--

my head could not stop imagining this.hikhikhik.

"is it..?"

"yes sayang...errmmm...can  I make a request hunny..?"


"can I leave all of these folded clothes on the sofa???because I do not know how to update and keep this 'longgokan' neatly in our closet..hehehehe"


wuaaarghhhhhhhhhhhhhh...!sampai hati taw..fortunately at the time he told me this I was not looking to his eyes directly..kalo tak...for sure I would be melting like an ice-cream...wakakaka!

that is why i love him veghy muachhhh!
he always makes me laugh whenever i am not in a good mood.


  1. ahahh! tergelak aku bace korgnye senda gurau laki so glad dat u already got him my dear...:)

  2. hehehe.ko taktau loy...pas kawin byk betul perangai sebenar yg terbongkar..*samala ngn aku pon*