Monday, February 27, 2012

++oh encik suami: digestive system++


my second entry while waiting for azan isya'...(usah dicontohi.LAGHO!)

my husband called me just now.he said je just got back from the hospital and did not realize that his phone is out of battery..iskk..patutla aku call banyak kali tak dapat.ceit!

when he tried to reach me, I was in the toilet..I think I dun have to mention in here why I was in the toilet(T___T)
after few times trying to call me...ahah!at last I picked up the phone..
here's the conversation:



"sayang...why dun u pick up the phone????did u know for how many times I tried to contact u?"

"ermm..12 times?????heeee~ala...I was in the toilet lah.."

"what did u do in the toilet for quite long???I dun think u take a bath because ur last message told me that u've just finished bathing.. aren't U???"

"grrrrrr......abang, i do not necessarily go to the toilet to bathe only..there could be other business which can be made too..aite??"

"I dun understand...what is actually happen in the toilet"

oh my..pity my hubby...even he is a doctor but he still needs a good explanation about the digestive system.hahahaha!sometimes I feel like pulling his ji-strong nose hardly..saja je taw..seems like he really enjoy to tease me..

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