Wednesday, February 29, 2012



I am totally in mess right now..I have not gone to Putrajaya for almost 2 weeks including this week..sobss..sobss..sobss..:((
and maybe for this coming mid term break I have to commit with my action song's team.alahai~
the competition will be held on 22nd March right after the school holiday.
I cannot think properly right now because I keep thinking of finding the theme and the interesting actions for the action song...what am I suppose to do???!!!!!urrrghhh!
people put high expectation on us as they said they are looking forward for the second winning.*ohh myT__T*
and it's all started from last year when we won the title of district's level champion for the very first 3rd place for the state level among the convents school.this year it is quite challenging..

have no idea in arranging and composing musics..BLURR.I even have no idea on how the performance would be.
need to think hardly and be more creative.



  1. InsyaAllah.. kemenangan pastik milik anda... hehe.
    Kita tahu husna boleh buat.. husna mane pernah kering idea kan

  2. salam.... adinda sayang still in mess is it? i wish to help but music seem like a bit diff for me too.... well, i hope my appearance this week will help u get ideasss.
    **** Who do think you r? An angel? i wish so.... hahahahhhh*****
    Dont think too much on winning, just do your best and tawakal. everything is in the hand of Allah. we'll are slave to Him and only He can help us. Amin~ (^_^)
    Go-go-go...!!! With trillions of lovezzz!!!