Sunday, February 26, 2012

++an outsider++


last night's event went well and smooth...everything seems to be perfect for my eyes.Alhamdulillah..congrats my dear...will reveal the story sooner.InsyaAllah..:))

at the same time I have to admit that I am super tired due to my, yesterday my school held a PIBG meeting and I was assigned to be a MC accompanied with one of my colleagues.for me, it was not that difficult to handle the meeting because once the meeting started, I just need to give welcoming speech which took only few minutes to deliver and then passed over the meeting to the chairman of PIBG..the end.

what I want to convey in this entry is, I am really in a deep seriously..pfffft..T__T
and now I can feel the sense of what Hana a.k.a miss sunshine felt when she previously mentioned that it is not easy to stay with people who are not among your family members. no matter how nice the person with us, we still have to remember that we are still an you get what I mean?or am I just being too emotional??urghhh,,,,~I DO HATE THIS FEELING!!!!

sometimes people don't understand what we feel.
and sometimes people just know to give orders to do this and that without realizing that actually they already have an assistant at home which has nothing to do at the same time..:(('s not good to complain nor to condemn.but...all of you have to know that I just want to express out what has been in my head lately..I could not keep it anymore as it becomes plaguing(menyesakkan) my soul..*jiwakacau*
I'm so sorry to say this...
can't wait to move in to a new home with my beloved sayangness

"Ya Allah..ikhlaskan hatiku dalam melakukan segala perbuatan dan pertolongan.semoga hatiku lebih tenang dan damai..."


  1. semoga dipermudahkan semuanya tough like b4..i miss u!

  2. Sabarlah husna...
    Kadang2 mungkin kita je yang emosional..
    Lagi2 masa preggy ni...
    nak kurangkan ketidakselesaan tu... fikir ape yang baik2 yang org tu dah buat pada kita...
    Husna nak pindah rumah baru ye..? Bila? Kat mane?

  3. loy::tula...harap2 mcmtulah..ko fhm mcmana kn loy..dr dulu lg mcmtu..

    miss sunshine:: mmg ngah bersabar..kalo diikutkan hati skang gak nk pindah rumah baru ngn apkan daya..cadangnya suami nk pindah xyah tkar skolah.stay je kat area ipoh ni..