Saturday, June 19, 2010

++bebel-bebel bersama cik husna++

salam...~ so borink..
got nothing to do since i woke up early diz morning...
laid back in my room.chomping hoping from one to another blog..
but still feel borink...~
i do need something or someone (maybe) to entertain me..ahahaa..
 willing to help me???*lash batting*
if u r good enough in telling jokes,,tell me da best joke u ever have so i can laugh out loud....~teehee...~

aww~~abang jim carrey...i luv looking to ur face dah bole buat aku gelak...sbb teringat die berlakon dalam cite ace ventura yg super duper sengal tuh.haha.

or anybody,,,can u give me any good ideas on how to make my day more alive before im starting to merepek...du..du..du..



nasib baekla arini dr dena nk g kenduri sesama ngan aku...
kalo aku sorang jawabnye mmg tak g terus la...huhuhu..
well,,,im sorta shy girl..ahaks.;p

thanx darl...u always be there whenever i need someone to accompany me..
wondering if cik END a.k.a cik peah has come back yet from KL or not..
really miss her around..
she used to be my roomy when i was studying in UTEM for a year...
even we're no longer studying together in da same U but our friendship still in a tight bond..
S***..what da heck im talking about...??maybe da theme of diz week is more to friendship..
so..if u feel like it now..hehe..i wont keep it in heart...;p

aduh..nk karang ayat panjang berjela tak jadi plak..sbb mak dah panggil minum petang..GTG..
to be continue...~~BYE.


  1. tula... org ajak g genting xmo. layan laa sorang2 kt umah =p layan blues~ (((busan sgt ke?))) nnti sye email gamba2 k.
    --->astalavista babeh =D