Sunday, March 18, 2012

++bakat terpendam++


there was a misunderstanding between me and the date of action song competition...I thought it will be held on this Thursday..but the thing is not gonna happen on that day...apparently the competition will be held on Wednesday la bruhhhh~how can I get wrong information nehh...??LMAO!

knowing that the competition is about to happen very soon, I feel a lil bit stress..last song still undone..and I have to allocate some times to do that tonight..encik suami..sila faham..if there's no messages from me that means I'm bz doing recording stuffs.huhuhuhu.

anyway, I am very grateful to have my own keyboard in my I don't have to go to school every day just to record songs...Alhamdulillah.thank u encik suami for buying me a brand new keyboard...*lashbatting* awww~hehe.
at first I wanted to buy CASIO (macam jenama calculator plak)...but after trying these two different brands (YAMAHA vs CASIO) , so I chose has a lot of functions rather than the other one..though the price is more expensive but hey,no regret at all folks..sangat berpuas hati ok!:))

I don't go for the professional one..since I'm not that good as maksim or aubrey suwito in playing this instrument..mau aih~*  however, I can read notes taw..kiranya I play music from my heart lettew..(cewaahh!) haaa...this showed that I've paid a lot of attention during my music lesson back in primary school 13 years ago.hakhakhahk!

 my first experience playing keyboard is when I was in primary school..I love seeing my music teacher playing musical instruments well..her name is CIKGU MARIAM if I'm not mistaken day, there was a competition (quite similar to action song) so, the teacher made an audition to choose a number of pupils to form a group to represent our school...didn't want to miss the audition,so I tried my for my preparation, I did a lot of practice at home. I played recorder (waktu tu pon yang ada hanyalah recorder jaaahhh..) and did some revision of reading notes. as if I was desperate to join the school team.memang pon.hehe.;p

as I could remember, we were tested to play few instruments and one of them was the keyboard..we were asked to play based on the notes given (not the chord) and followed the beats with the right flow..syukur,I made it through and been selected to be as a keyboardist !I was very happy for being chosen..after successfully positioned myself as the keyboardist of the team, my teacher taught me on how to play chords and few songs..that is how my talent discovered.hehehe.
since from that day, I never stop loving music..:)

--ze end--


  1. wow... kita tak tahu pun husna ade bakat terpendam... huhu, kita memang tak suke muzik dari dulu.. wahaha..

  2. waaa... sape sangke... boleh main alat music... sam pandai main gitar tau.. so bleh la kite tubuhkan satu live band... hahaha


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