Saturday, March 27, 2010


salam,,,hye u olz...~~
lately i'm always thinking bout my home sweet home...
dunno why...
maybe there's a lot of problems i'm facing here..(inside conflict)
or known as JIWAKACAU...huk2..
but it is nothing to do with my friends or practicum OK..
we're juz duin great togetha'..


when i got back home,rasa tenang jek..
no prob at all...
n bile ada masalah bole duduk borak satu meja ngan mak ayah..
then masalah terus ilank cemtu jek...
talking to my parent is like a magic..
kalah harry potter...huahua..
then having my mum's maggi goreng is da best meal eva..
i rather choose my mum's cook than pizza,,,mekD,,,KFC n lot more..

sumtimes we use to hangout togetha..
only three of us..excluding my lil bro..
big boy doesn't like to go out with his parent...
he said laarh...
i dun know since when he's acting like dat..

aww....OMG....i miss them damn much...

as a good daughter...i always pray for their happiness..
n hoping dat  they are duin fine rite nuw..
mak...ayah...i love u...~~~