Sunday, March 28, 2010

++ohh,,,how good to be juz like him...++

hurm,,,salam u olz,,
diz is my 2nd entry 4 today..
its all about a friend of mine..
we've been friends since we were in secondary school..
but not so close laahh..


i dun know how to classify our friendship..
best friend or juz friend..??
cuz he seems to be close to my parent..
but it doesn't mean dat we shud be close too rite..?
i adore him very terms of respect especially..DUN GET ME WRONG ok..
a young man who has a good heart..full of determination n sense of respects..supportive..
very understanding person..
n da most important thing is..he loves anything related to kindness..
yes...he loves to do every single GOOD thing..
why i cant be juz like him..??
ohh,,,my bad...


thanx a lot to him bcoz he makes my eyes wide open..
thanx 4 da advice..
it helps me a lot when i 'muhasabah' myself..
i wanna be juz like u..
a good daughter which my parent can hold to..yeah...i wanna make them proud..:))
insyaAllah..i'll always pray 4 u my friend....~~
i hope that u'll get someone who loves u with all of her heart..
someone who can take a good care of urself..
n someone who is called as 'muslimah sejati..'


1 comment:

  1. its good apabila kiter selalu bermusahabah diri..

    sebelum kita lelapkan mata pun boleh bermusahabah diri juga bukan..

    apepun, aminn..