Saturday, April 17, 2010

++relaxation and borink moment...++

what a borink day...:((
i hate doing nuthing while im having so much time to spend for..
diz is so-called relaxation moment...
my heart feels like leaping sky high..horaayyyy!!!
last two days,,,my headmaster announced dat tomorrow wud be our school public holiday...
i've been waiting for diz moment since two months ago..
so i hope my friends out there won't get jelous for diz announcement ok..~

diz evening,,,,i'll be going to mydin...
since in terengganu there is no fun and entertaining place to go for outing..only mydin n giant...
so mydin wud be people's 1st choice to go at 1st place...
my printer broke down again..i have to fix it before tomorrow..
cuz tonyte im gonna use it for completing my B&K folder..
everytime i wanted to print important assignments or tasks my printer wud sulk,,,in fact i newly bought my printer last 2 months..

my sulking printer..damn u..


1 comment:

  1. ~ hepi holiday ever after ~

    sabar k.. dh x lama dh 2 nk tinggalkan gaNu ni .. :)