Friday, August 20, 2010

-watch out-
this is not a warning entry.actually it is more to exhorting post.

think before u speak up.
please be more rational n wise like u used to be back then.
good intention doesn't help to legitimate everything u wanna do.
so.please bear it in ur mind..u r not a small kid anymore.
u know better what's da best for u n ur own future.
i know i am just an outsider who doesn't has da right to give u an admonition or what so ever.
but based on my love n bliss for u as a good friend.i'll never let u fallen into a bad side.NEVER.
that's so not me..~
if something happen to u..i'll never forgive myself.that's my promise.
friend.i'll be right here to support u whenever u feel down n need someone to talk to.
hopefully u'll change very soon.
-pray hard for u-

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